Ireland: the challenge of being the UK’s only land border

Sensitivities regarding the border between Northern Ireland - part of the UK - and the Republic of Ireland mean that neither government will give advice as to how things might look in the future.

DSV Truck

From DSV’s Director for Customer Service for Ireland, Paul Monks

The lack of information from both governments means that planning for distribution across the island of Ireland is still at a contingency phase. Like everyone, DSV wants to be able to proceed with an organised and structured plan, but even at this stage this is not possible.

We have received some guidance regarding East-West trade between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain, but as yet no firm decisions have been made at a political level, so the practicalities of many day to day operations remain uncertain.

This uncertainty may lead to us implementing changes and subsequently changing tack again later as rules and regulations become clearer. So please bear with us – we’re in this together and we are here to help where we can.

If you have questions and are a customer of DSV in Ireland or Northern Ireland, please write to If you are a customer of DSV elsewhere please use our contact form and we will forward your enquiry to the appropriate DSV office.

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